Berkeley Minicar
2498 San Pablo Ave
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 841-1221
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Here are some of the unsolicited testimonials we've received... we really appreciate your feedback!

"For years Berkeley Minicar has kept my Hondas running beautifully; I have no desire to go elsewhere. The skilled mechanics here do what is necessary to keep my car in great condition, using top grade materials yet charging fair and reasonable prices. It is comforting to know that your car is in the hands of real experts who will not take advantage of mechanically challenged people like me. They always take the time to answer my questions and go out of their way to be helpful. They are unfailingly cheerful, pleasant, and courteous. I go in and feel that I am among friends. Thank you, Nancy and all you gentlemen, at Berkeley Minicar. It is always nice to be able to recommend a business wholeheartedly and with no reservations."
-- Carolyn A.
"Sometimes, words alone can’t express a personal level of confidence and assurance. I was referred to Berkeley Mini-Car by a neighbor, a little over 20 years ago. My 1987 Honda Accord now has nearly 250,000 miles because of the quality of the service I’ve received at BMC. Mark, Nancy and the automotive mechanical staff always provide me with the highest level of services. I feel like I’m being treated like family when I leave my car. They are knowledgeable, resourceful, ethical, honest, and fair… After a repair, I never have to look under the hood, to see if everything was done. They elevate the quality that one associates with the reputation of Honda. As I contemplate buying another car, the decision is less complicated because I don’t have to think about the service after the purchase. I can’t imagine choosing another automotive brand, than Honda, and taking a chance on finding a new mechanic to trust. The experience, faith, and confidence that I have in Berkeley Mini-Car makes my decision a lot simpler. They will continue to have my business, because they’ve always had my back."
-- Terry Williams
"We live in SF. We use and love Berkeley Minicar. Several years ago I took my car there for the first time (my husband had been going for years, as he had worked in Emeryville). I thought he was crazy until I went in. It was such a pleasant, honest experience. As a woman, I have found most service places frustrating at best but at Berkeley Minicar, they treated me like I had a brain! Lots of fans and they deserve it."
-- Another satisfied customer, Berkeley Parents Network
"Love Berkeley Minicar. They take very good care of my Odyssey, take the time to explain everything done, and I don't believe that they have ever suggested any work on my car that wasn't needed or overcharged me (tho I really wouldn't know this). There are times that I've been certain my car needed major work and have been patiently told that no, she just needs something minor done. My car is always returned in the same condition I gave it to them in, meaning there's no smudges on the steering wheel, my bridge toll is still in the coin drawer, my radio station is still at the same volume. Every once in a while the guys can be a bit snippy, but no more so than other mechanics, in fact, really less so. Lastly and most importantly, I don't feel taken advantage of because I'm a woman, and I don't have enough fingers to count how many times this has happened to me."
-- L.L., yelp.com
"These guys are the best! So honest and fair. They've actually told me I didn't need work done that other places said I did when they could have easily told me it was needed and made more money off of me, but that's not how they do things. Their prices are are usually lower than most places, though some of their services average a wee bit higher. It all balances out in the end to where you're getting a better deal with BMC. They have even done work on my car for free for stuff like changing fuses because they didn't feel fair charging me for it. I bought a second Honda just so I could keep Berkeley Minicar as my mechanics. Seriously. Trust me, if you have a Honda, this is the place to bring it. They're a straight-forward, honest, no BS shop and the people who work there are great!"
-- Rebecca, yelp.com
"Berkeley MiniCar on 2498 San Pablo Ave at Dwight is where we've taken my '93 Honda Civic for nearly 10 years. Their prices are very reasonable, their service is always friendly and professional. We trust that they are not recommending unnecessary repairs. I think that they take pride in keeping old cars like mine going."
-- Honda driver, Berkeley Parents Network
"After I got fed up with the Honda dealer's shop, Berkeley MiniCar has kept my Honda alive and well from 100,000 to 340,000 miles, and counting. (Of course, there was a 'new' slightly used engine replacement in there somewheres, done by another shop, to which BMC referred me.) They're honest as the day is long, they almost always figure out the problem the first time, they charge reasonably, and they're cool folks. Go there, you'll like 'em."
-- PKL

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